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Buy Diesel Lubricants

Buy Diesel Lubricants to Extend the Life of Your Machines from Smith Lubricants 

Smith Lubricants has been helping engines run smoothly with our Australian designed and made products, making us the go-to source for when you need to buy diesel lubricants. You need to get the most use out of your machines and ensure that they remain in operation for as long as possible. Providing proper lubrication is key to getting the most out of your engines, but standard lubricating oils are often not enough; this is where we can help.

Problems When You Buy Diesel Lubricant That Smith Lubricants Addresses

The major oil companies have received the instruction to reduce the level of zinc in their oil. Zinc is one of the primary friction reducers in the oil, and without it, will not provide the same level of lubrication as oils with zinc additives. If you only use lubricants made by the major brands, your engine will not be working to its full potential or expected service life. Here are a few of the other problems with diesel lubrication that we help with:

  • Some lubricating additives can be detected in oil samples, possibly voiding the warranty. With a 5% ratio of our diesel lubricant, it will be untraceable while offering all the benefits, saving both your engine and your warranty.

  • Many have used our diesel lubricants in various applications from road vehicles to earthmovers, agricultural and mining machines. No matter the type of diesel engine, they will benefit from it.

  • We use higher quality virgin group 2 Paraffinic base oils that more readily bond with your oils and the metal in your engine to provide long-lasting benefits.

What You Can Expect When You Buy Diesel Engine Lubricants from Smith Lubricants

From the moment our customers add our diesel engine lubricants to their engine, they have peace of mind in operating their machinery, knowing that it offers extended life and works with more efficiency. A few of the specific benefits of our diesel engine lubricants include the following:


  • Beyond providing superior lubrication compared to traditional oils, it will give cold-start lubrication so you can get up and going even when the temperatures are low.

  • Our treatment will help to clean and remove the carbon and sludge that can accumulate in your engine, keeping it running smoothly.

  • It is available in multiple sizes for your convenience, from 1L up to 205L

Why Smith Lubricants is Cost-Effective When you Buy Diesel Engine Lubricant

The lubricants for your engine are vital to keeping it running smoothly, with more power and for longer. The machines you rely on are expensive investments, and like all other investments, you want to get the most benefit out of them. Taking the best care possible of your engine will help you do so. With the often-harsh conditions common to Australia, a lubricant designed and manufactured here with those conditions in mind will offer the most robust protection. Contact us today if you are ready to unleash the full potential of your machines.

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