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EP2 Grease Up is a superior multi-purpose grease suitable for a  wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, gears and couplings in Automotive, Marine and industrial applications. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enable this grease to give long service life under high loading and shock conditions, from low to very high temperature environments.

  • Wheel bearings in vehicles fitted with disk brakes

  • high temp, multi-purpose

  • Premium Lith-Plex

  • Excellent mechanical stability

  • Lead, chlorine and nitrile free

I have a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E that was flat out going over the Gateway Bridge. I was told about this product and could not believe the sudden burst of power when Petrol Up kicked in halfway up the bridge. I have since started using the Engine Up as well and the car runs so much smoother, starts easier and has better fuel economy.

Kathleen Higgs, Brisbane, QLD

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