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Testimonial One:

Cyril Vale - Owner Mendip Hills Pastoral Company Jericho QLD Australia

Caterpillar 12H Grader; D6H Dozer; D85 Komatsu Dozer; and work utes & trucks

Image 2.PNG

New Caterpillar 12H required scheduled oil sample (SOS) analysis by Hastings Deering under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.


As Bi-Tron is a pure petroleum mineral oil, it has not shown as an additive in these tests (such as Teflons or metals) therefore CANNOT void any manufacturer’s warranty.

In 2007 Bitron Powertrain & Gear Formulation was introduced to the Caterpillar Grader’s transmission. The Caterpillar’s fuel computer then showed a saving of 1 litre of diesel per hour (effectively 5.9%). Due to this result, Bitron Engine Treatment and Diesel Fuel Conditioner were then also added.


At this point the machine had 700 hours operation on the clock. The first oil sample after the addition of Bitron Engine Treatment was taken at 1000 hours. Results from this initial treatment below.

The 3rd and 4th engine oil samples showed a further reduction in these contaminants and wear factor

                                                                              Using the Caterpillar’s computerised fuel flow meters,

                                                                              fuel consumption was shown to be reduced from 16 litres

                                                                              per hour to 14.12 litres per hour

                                                                              – A further reduction of 11.75%


Cyril Vale noted improved general performance, notably power and smoothness.


“I would recommend Bi-Tron in any machine as the fuel savings more than cover the cost of treatment”

Testimonial Two

Taxi Cab Company ~ (Reference letter written by the company's Maintenance Manager)

"As you know, we have been incurring serious maintenance problems with our fleet of 200 cab vehicles. On average, we have had 13 cabs per day in for an engine overhaul or replacement. The down time, parts and labour costs have been excessive.


In an effort to reduce these costs we began to experiment with various oil additives in the hope of reducing wear and improving performance. We tested Slick 50, T-Pluss, Microlon, Duralube, System 48 and a few others. Compression readings were taken prior to the adding of the various products mentioned.


After two or three days no improvement in compression or overall performance was noted. In fact, several of the tested engines incurred build-up, pitting and/or had clogged oil filters. Our drivers reported that there were no fuel savings or improvement in performance. We still had an average of 13 cabs down each day.


We then tested your Bi-Tron Engine Treatment in nine of our units. To say the least we are quite pleased with the results.


Before adding Bi-Tron, the compression reading of each vehicle was taken and found to be between 90 and 150. All had engines with problems or expected to have a maintenance problem in a short time, with poor performance and fuel consumption.


The cabs were treated with Bi-Tron according to instructions and road-tested for two days with the following results:

1. Compression readings ranged between 149 and 154 (Note: 154 is equivalent to that expected from a brand new engine).

2. Increased power and performance were reported by the drivers.

3. The Bi-Tron treated cabs ran quieter and smoother.

4. The average operating temperature was reduced by 20 degrees (190 to 170).

5. Drivers reported mileage improvement.

6. An engine treated with Bi-Tron was disassembled and inspected. It was found clean, had no build-up and the surfaces appeared to be polished.


As a result of the above, we are now using your product in our entire fleet."


(Second reference letter written by the Maintenance Manager of the above cab company after 6 weeks of using Bi-Tron products).


"We feel an update on the use of your Bi-Tron is in order. As you know we used to have an average of 13 cabs down for engine overhauls or replacement each day. Since using Bi-Tron (now going on seven weeks) we have not had one engine go down. When considering these vehicles are driven an average of 500 miles per day, under the most severe of conditions, the results are nothing less than remarkable.


We had one cab lose all its oil. The driver was unaware of the situation because the oil pressure light was not working, and drove back to our facility without incident. Our mechanic after noticing that there was some oil dripping, found that there was no oil and that the oil pan was slashed. The pan was replaced, new oil installed and the engine started right up. This cab is still in daily operation.


After several months we have inspected 5 engines. The following pictures demonstrate the dramatic effect Bi-Tron had on our car-engines. The pictures were taken from the same engines before we started using Bi-Tron, and after using Bi-Tron for several months."

Before Bi-Tron:

Sludge and carbon build-up we always found on cylinder walls of all our car engines before we started using Bi-Tron.

Before Bi-Tron:

We always found sludge and carbon buildup started using Bi-Tron. Usually we had to replace them every 2,000 miles with every oil change (because of the harsh stop-and-go driving conditions).

Before Bi-Tron:

Heavy carbon deposit on a piston top, on and around piston rings, which caused the rings to "freeze" and even break. On the average, we had to overhaul engines every 60,000 miles because of the harsh stop-and-go driving conditions.

Testimonial Three:

After Bi-Tron:

With Bi-Tron, the cylinder walls are always clean from any build-up, and look highly polished.

After Bi-Tron:

With Bi-Tron the oil filters are clean of any sludge or carbon deposits, in spite of the fact that oil change intervals were increased from every 2,000 miles to every 10,000 miles.

After Bi-Tron:

This picture represents a typical condition of pistons and piston rings we observed in our car-engines after we started using Bi- Tron products. (5 engines were taken apart, first time after 60,000 miles and the second time after 150,000, with oil and filter change intervals of every 10,000 miles). Because of the Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner, the piston top, is clean of any deposits. Due to the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment, the piston-skirt and rings are completely clean of any deposits, and the piston-ring-blades are highly polished.

David Godfrey - Owner "Grand Touring Centre" Castle Hill

I have spent 40 years building Hi-Tec Race Cars from Lamborghini,  Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, BMW M, Mercedes AMG  Cosworth. And had the pleasure of working with F1 Engineers, and have been lucky enough to have had the pleasure of driving them all as well, I have been using John Smiths' products for many years, and not once have they let me down. The benefits are truly Amazing, and money-saving, It is so simple “ Less Friction More Motion Forward with Less Energy. I have made many friends over the years, who are also in the Motor Industry, and they all tell me the same thing “ It’s that good “  I have tried other products in the past and I refuse to use them.


“ Not One Of Them Comes Close “

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