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Smith Lubricants has a rebranded and upgraded formula

of Bitron. Our multi-functional Diesel Power Up is our new

upgraded formula of the old diesel additive. It boosts

Cetane by 8 numbers giving more power and big Fuel

savings plus lubricating and cleaning injectors and fuel



The new Diesel Power Up has the chemistry to kill any

existing bug if it is in your tanks.  It has a treat rate of 1ml per

litre or 1 litre per 1000.1x 20 litre and will save at least 4000

dollars off your fuel bill.

For Better Efficiency, Better Performance

Bitron fuel additive provides complete solution for your vehicles from fuel efficiency, to performance, to cold-start solution to fixing weak acceleration & much more. Bitron lubricants are known for their state-of-the-art technology, and ability to address the major problems and equipment operators’challenges.

Smith Lubricants brings you the upgraded & modified version of Bitron technology. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we now bring you the best of Bitron oil additive designed to provide you the best solution you need. 

Upgraded Formula

The Bitron formula has proved to be one of the best solutions for engines, gears, power-up, petrol & diesel performance, anti-friction and much more. What we have done is upgrade the Bitron formula to create a better version of the Bitron Fuel additive. Bitron in Australia is widely used for increasing the efficiency and performance of the vehicles whether they run on diesel or petrol.

Benefits for you: 

  • More power

  • More efficiency

  • More fuel saving

  • Improved performance

  • Reduced friction

  • Enhanced protection

  • Smooth operations

  • Kill existing bug in the tanks


Why Choose Us

Smith Lubricants has been providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective ‌Bitron oil additive solution to a wide range of customers. We have an extensive 15 years of experience in distributing automotive lubricants and fuel system treatments. We strive to provide the best solution you need, which is why we decided to upgrade the Bitron fuel additive formula. The Bitron lubricants have the power to make your engine more efficient, perform better under pressure, as well run smoothly. Our Bitron oil additive is designed to meet your needs at the most efficient way.

All our products are made from high-quality materials, have been tested and guarantee the results you want to see. Our improved Bitron formula is designed to improve engine performance & reduce maintenance cost as much as possible.

Call us 07 4653 1000 for any queries you have.

Bitron Supplier Australia

I operate 1996 & 2006 Holden Rodeo work utes, a John Deere Industrial Loader and an Isuzu Truck. Since using the engine and diesel products from Smith Lubricants, I have noticed the engines run smoother, quieter, cooler and with improved fuel economy. I would recommend these products to anyone, especially if there is a running problem and to reduce maintenance costs.

Wayne Squire, Tingha, NSW

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