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Smith Lubricants have been using & marketing the incredible Bi-Tron range of products for over 20 years with great success. As the technology changes with Engines and Drivetrains, Smith Lubricants had to, with the help of our chemists, have improved the formulas to meet environmental issues.


Smith Lubricants now use higher quality virgin group 2 Paraffinic base oils and synads to keep it suspended and more readily bonding to your oils and metals. The fuel treatments are all upgraded as well for the modern day engines with particulate filters.


By using Smith Lubricants it gives you a peace of mind operating your machinery and saves on fuel and downtime.


Darren Smith:

Being a car owner for the last 20 years and experienced in using numerous products. I tried experimenting with Smith Lubricant products. And I am happy to share that I can vouch that they are the leaders of the industry. Highly recommend their products.


Lucas cary:

My dad gifted a brand new SUV on the 18th. Being a first time car owner I hardly knew the bolts and nuts of it. That's when my mechanic suggested diesel additives from Smith lubricants. And boy there is no looking back to it. The performance skyrocketed. Would highly recommend every single product from Smith lubricants


John Robinson:

Not being an advocate of Smith lubricants, but their products are top notch. Would love giving 5 stars to them

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