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Gear Up offers superior performance and protection for manual and automatic transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems. Gear Up is especially beneficial where high temperatures and stress loads are present.

  • Extreme pressure performance and protection

  • Minimises friction, wear and drag

  • Lowers hydraulic and gear oil temperatures

  • Suitable for manual and automatic transmissions

Gear Up Applications: 

Manual & automatic transmissions and gearboxes; differentials; epicycle hubs; hydraulic and power steering systems.

Usage Directions: 

Add Gear Up to gearboxes, differentials and hydraulic systems at 5% of refill oil capacity. Replenish with each fluid change. Large systems >400L require a maximum of 20L of Gear Up.

Available sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L, 205L

After adding Smith Lubricants Gear Up to my differentials, their operating temperatures dropped by 22 degrees. The diffs have still not needed a rebuild, I’m very happy.

Mick Pattel - Road Train Operator, Richmond Queensland

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