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Why You Should Be Using Petrol Lubricant in Your Vehicles or Machinery

If you’re looking for a way to add power, fuel economy and overall reliability to your vehicle—or any petrol-fuelled piece of machinery—you should be using petrol lubricant more

Improve the Performance of Your Machinery with Our Machine Lubricants

Whether you’re dealing with rusted machinery or struggling with a gearbox that won’t operate reliably in Australia’s hot summer conditions, look no further than Smith Lubricants and our more

Improve Vehicle Efficiency and Lifespan with Engine Assembly Lubricant

Every vehicle relies on a low-friction environment, and engine oil, when combined with engine assembly lubricant, yields the ideal conditions for healthier engines more

Use Gear Up and Other Unique Formulas to Protect Your Engine

Smith Lubricants helps you protect your engines with an impressive line of lubricants including Gear Up, Engine Up, Petrol Up, and Diesel Power Up. Each of these lubricants is more

Buy Diesel Lubricants to Extend the Life of Your Machines from Smith Lubricants

Smith Lubricants has been helping engines run smoothly with our Australian designed and made products, making us the go-to source for when you need to more

How to Find Diesel Lubricants That Help You Get the Job Done

Selecting diesel lubricants to keep your engines running in peak condition is easier said than done. Not only are there tonnes of options on the market, but how can you be sure that any one choice more

Why You Should Rethink Your Approach to Vehicle Lubricants

How much thought do you put into the vehicle lubricants you choose to use? Do you use any? If you haven't explored options for improving the performance of your vehicle more

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Lubricants for Your Machinery

Hydraulic lubricants can be the key to keeping your machinery operating at peak performance levels and to extending its usable life. At Smith Lubricants, we can provide you with more

Looking for Reliable Truck Lubricants? Try Diesel Power Up

When it comes to truck lubricants (or lubricants for buses, tractors, forklifts, boats, earthmoving equipment or other heavy vehicles or machinery), Smith Lubricants is a market leader more

Recover Lost Power and More by Changing Your Engine Lubricants

What could you gain by rethinking your approach to engine lubricants? There's more out there than what you can swipe off the shelf or what your mechanic pours in during more

Why Should You Consider Investing in Car Lubricants for Your Vehicle?

How much do you know about car lubricants? If the most thought you've given to them is the choice you make at the garage during logbook servicing, it's easy to miss the fact that the oil more

Smith Lubricants Offers Superior Motorbike Lubricants

Smith Lubricants has been formulating our products here in Australia for 15 years, creating several products designed to keep engines running smoothly and for longer, including more

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