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Petrol Up provides performance and protection by cleaning valves, fuel injectors and combustion chamber deposits. Restores lost power and economy in older engines. Safe for use in all petrol vehicles and machinery, E10 Ethanol blend fuels and catalytic systems.

  • Cleans Fuel System

  • Cleans valves and injectors

  • Compatible with E10 fuel

  • Improves combustion

  • Helps restore lost power

  • Reduces Octane Requirement

Petrol Up Applications: 

Petrol Up is suitable for use in all petrol-powered engines including:
Passenger cars, lawn-mowers, pumps, generators, chainsaws, brush-cutters, go-karts and any other petrol equipment.

Usage Directions: 

Add 2 litres of Smith Lubricants Petrol Up to each 1,000L of petrol (2mL/L). Replace fuel filters after first 1,500-2,000km (15-20 hours) of operation. For fast clean-up of fuel injectors or carburetors, use Petrol Up at 4 litres per 1,000 litres of fuel (4mL/L) for first tankful or 15 hours of operation.

Available sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L, 205L

I have a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E that was flat out going over the Gateway Bridge. I was told about this product and could not believe the sudden burst of power when Petrol Up kicked in halfway up the bridge. I have since started using the Engine Up as well and the car runs so much smoother, starts easier and has better fuel economy.

Kathleen Higgs, Brisbane, QLD

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