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Engine Up Fuel Additive Treatment

EP4020 provides superior performance and protection even under extreme conditions with its unique oil structure to impregnate metal. It removes carbon and sludge buildup. Will not void warranties and contains no solids. Compatible with mineral and synthetic engine oils.

  • Cold Start Protection

  • Smoother Running Engines

  • Reduces Tappet Rattle and Smoke

  • Extends the Life of the oil and Metal Components

  • Heavy Duty Diff Protection and Temperature Drop

  • Smoother Gear and Transmission Changes

  • Lowers Oil Temperatures by reducing friction and drag

  • Pure 100% Petroleum • Will not Void Warrantys

EP4020 Applications: 


EP4020 is a multifunctional additive designed for Engines and Drivetrains.  It is the Gear Up and Engine Up combined for compatibility with all oils for protection.


Directions For Engines: 


Add EP4020 at 5% of Engines crankcase quantity 2000 km before oil change. Change filter and oil and add another 5%. After first 2 treatments, you only need to add to your oil changes every 15000 km. Trucks every 250 hrs. 
Add EP4020 to your 2 stroke oil at 5% than mix as directed to your petrol. 


Directions for Drivetrain and Hydraulics: 


Add EP4020 at 5% to Drivetrain with a good clean quality oil. If oil is black it is contaminated and needs changing. 
In large hydraulic systems >400 L, you require 20 L EP4020. Notes: The cleaning action of EP4020 may lead to filter blockage after initial treatment - replace filters after 20 hrs of operation. Flush and service automatic transmissions prior to adding EP4020. Not compatible with brake fluid. 

Available sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L, 205L

Data Sheet

I would recommend Smith Lubricants in any machine as the fuel savings more than cover the cost of treatment.

Cyril Vale – Owner, Mendip Hills Pastoral Company, Jericho QLD Australia

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