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Diesel Power Up

Smith Lubricants' Diesel Power Up provides performance and protection by being a comprehensive and unique multifunctional Diesel treatment, Injector cleaner & Cetane Improver all in one that offers the following;

  • Cleans and maintains injectors, Power UP meets Cummins L10 injector clean test

  • Improves a Diesel fuels Cetane number by up to 8 units

  • Restores peak performance to fuel systems

  • Enhances fuel performance and economy

  • Helps control exhaust emissions

  • Inhibits and kills Algae growth in Diesel fuel

  • Reduces Diesel knock

  • Improves cold start

Power UP when field tested in a FH series Volvo gave fuel savings alone of up to 11.2% and smoother running, this amounts to very significant cost savings as well as having the extra protection against the dreaded diesel fuel bug and keeping injectors clean.

  • Cetane is a measure of the time delay until a diesel fuel ignites through compression (i.e. not with a spark) in a diesel engine

  • Higher cetane indicates a shorter ignition delay

  • Increasing a Diesel Fuel’s Cetane Number Can Lead to Immediate Consumer Benefits Including:

– Less combustion knock and noise
– Reduced levels of misfiring
– Less shock loads and peak pressures in cylinder – Lower missions through more efficient combustion
– Shortened ignition delay
– Easier Cold Starts
– Less white smoke
– Improved engine warm up

  • Diesel engine OEMs strongly desire higher cetane fuels to allow for optimal performance and emission compliance of their engines

Diesel Power Up Applications: 

Diesel Power Up is designed for use in all diesel-powered equipment and machinery such as:
Vehicles including trucks, buses, tractors, forklifts and boats; pumps; generators; earthmoving equipment such as excavators, dozers and graders; farm machinery including harvesters and irrigators; mining plant such as crushers and conveyors.

Usage Directions: 

The normal recommended treat rate is 1 litre in 1000 litres of fuel, an initial higher treat "shock dose" may be beneficial.


If you have not used Diesel Power Up previously and you have the Algae in your fuel, replace fuel filters after first 1500 to 2000 km (15-20 hours) of operation.


Do not swallow, contains 700g/L 2-Butoxyethanol, liquid hydrocarbons 40%. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, avoid breathing vapour.

Available sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L, 205L

I operate 1996 & 2006 Holden Rodeo work utes, a John Deere Industrial Loader and an Isuzu Truck. Since using the engine and diesel products from Smith Lubricants, I have noticed the engines run smoother, quieter, cooler and with improved fuel economy. I would recommend these products to anyone, especially if there is a running problem and to reduce maintenance costs.

Wayne Squire, Tingha, NSW

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