The presence of water in diesel fuel is one of the prime concerns of the diesel machine operators or the owners. Most of the best diesel fuel additive Australia revolves around two particular theories–emulsification and demulsification for eliminating water from diesel...

Fuel combustion causes the release of major air pollutants into our atmosphere, which includes smut-soot particulates, carbon monoxide, nitrogen-sulfur oxides, and hydrocarbons. Except forsulfur and nitrogen, all other contaminants are produced because of incomplete co...

Diesel fuel additive is like a magic potion that can help you keep your car or any vehicle in top-notch condition. When you use the best diesel fuel additive along with car maintenance program, your car will run smoothly and last for a long time.

Naphthennic Oils and Parafinic Oils.

It is not common knowledge, even among mechanics, that there are two types of mineral oils.  Naphthennic Oils and Parafinic Oils.

Naphthennic Oil – Burns easily, having a flash point of around 160deg.C. and emulsifies in water or ste...

Water in Diesel?

All diesel fuel storage and tank systems are prone to water contamination. Water can enter diesel tanks when already contaminated fuel is added or through condensation from humidity via tank breathers. The main issues with water in diesel fuel are corro...


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Caterpillar 12H Grader;
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New Caterpillar 12H required scheduled oil sample (SOS) analysis by Hastings Deering under the terms of...

When discussing diesel fuel qualities, the topic of cetane number nearly always comes up. Following is brief explanation of diesel cetane number and how it affects vehicle and equipment operators.

What is cetane number?

A diesel fuel’s cetane number is one measurement of...

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