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Spray Lube Up provides performance and protection. The use of this product will provide long-lasting and smooth operation of metal mechanisms. It is pure petroleum based, suitable for simplest home needs to challenging industrial applications. Spray Lube Up displaces water, penetrates and lubricates.

  • Pure Petroleum Based

  • Displaces water

  • Penetrates and lubricates

  • Impregnates water and rust

  • 1001 other applications


Usage Directions: 


Spray Rusted or water affected areas and allow to penetrate. For stubborn rust of badly seized fittings leave overnight for maximum effectiveness.

Available sizes: 500ml, 5L

I have a 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E that was flat out going over the Gateway Bridge. I was told about this product and could not believe the sudden burst of power when Petrol Up kicked in halfway up the bridge. I have since started using the Engine Up as well and the car runs so much smoother, starts easier and has better fuel economy.

Kathleen Higgs, Brisbane, QLD

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