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Car Lubricants

Why Should You Consider Investing in Car Lubricants for Your Vehicle?

How much do you know about car lubricants? If the most thought you've given to them is the choice you make at the garage during logbook servicing, it's easy to miss the fact that the oil circulating in your engine is a key player in the performance you experience on the road. In other words, making changes to your oil and its composition could essentially have beneficial effects for your car. For older models, the right additives are especially useful when you've experienced problems such as degraded fuel economy or inadequate power production. At Smith Lubricants, we have just what you need to make an easy but effective change to your oil. 

Tips for Getting More Value When You Buy Car Lubricants

When you plan to purchase lubricants such as our Petrol Up and Engine Up, knowing how to stretch your investment can help solidify your decision to move forward. Try these tips for making the right purchase:

  • Understand which product you should purchase. Smith Lubricants provides a full range of lubricating products, from our popular Engine Up to Gear Up and Grease Up. Which one is right for you? If you aren't sure, let us know — we can point you in the right direction.

  • Follow the instructions for use carefully. There are particular times to add or replenish your lubricant products along with the filters in your oil system. Applying these instructions is essential for achieving optimum results.

  • Note performance before and after the addition of products such as Engine Up. When you can see that you’re indeed burning less fuel than you were before using a Smith Lubricants product, you can trust in your investment.

The Benefits of Car Lubricant from Smith Lubricants

Why opt for our additives instead of something else? The answer lies in the unique benefits our 100% mineral oil formulation brings to the table. Those perks include:


  • Reduce friction generated between components, which in turn reduces the creation of heat. A cooler, smoother operational environment translates into less wear and tear. Not only does that lessen the chance of a severe failure today, but it also keeps the chances low for tomorrow. 

  • Extend the life and protective capabilities of your oil. Did you know that modern oils do not contain as much zinc as older oils? Zinc helps to form the protective coating that reduces friction in your engine. When up to 5% of your total oil capacity is Engine Up, you can counter low-zinc oil with ease. 

  • Our products are non-detectable in oil samples. For those who want to improve performance in their car but do not want to risk losing a warranty that remains in effect, our products are ideal; they won't void your warranty. 

Why Smith Lubricants is a Cost-Effective Way to Buy Car Lubricant

It's not always easy to know what's best for your car. When you can protect essential parts and improve performance, though, the decision should be an easy one. When the alternative is an ever-growing amount of wear and tear coupled with poor performance, why not consider investing in a new product? Purchase these products online now, or find out more about from our team when you contact us.

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