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Diesel Lubricants

How to Find Diesel Lubricants That Help You Get the Job Done

Selecting diesel lubricants to keep your engines running in peak condition is easier said than done. Not only are there tonnes of options on the market, but how can you be sure that any one choice will be the right one? When it comes to improving power, prolonging equipment life, and generally experiencing better results, it might seem like there isn't a good solution for your needs. The reality is different. At Smith Lubricants, we create a custom formulation using 100% pure paraffinic oils to produce Diesel Power Up, one of a whole range of engine lubricants that work from inside your equipment to improve performance across the board. 

Problems That Diesel Engine Lubricants by Smith Lubricants Can Help to Address

How can adding Diesel Up to your engine make a difference? There are several problems you may experience with your hardware that might inspire you to search for an additive to improve the way your motor runs. Some of the issues that Diesel Power Up can help to address include:

  • Low cetane numbers and inadequate power production. Diesel Up helps to clean fuel injectors and improve cetane numbers, leading to faster, more efficiently burning of fuel.

  • Water in fuel. A fundamental problem for diesel engine owners, our product helps to purge water from the fuel system to reduce corrosion and boost performance. 

  • Diesel bug. These microbial growths can develop inside parts of your engine, causing a variety of problems. Diesel Up helps to eliminate this unusual but not uncommon problem. 

Our case studies indicate that Diesel Power Up can have noticeable effects both in reducing engine contaminants and in improving running quality and operating performance. No matter what you depend on your diesel for every day, Smith Lubricants helps keep them ready for anything. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Diesel Engine Lubricant 

When you choose to invest some of your budget in a diesel lubricant, it's understandable to not only want it to work but for it to prove a valuable investment over time. How can you use Diesel Power Up and other Smith Lubricants products most effectively? Try these tips:


  • Carefully follow all directions and guidelines for the application and use of Diesel Power Up to maximise its effectiveness.

  • Explore using other Smith Lubricants products such as Gear Up and Engine Up to improve performance in other areas of the vehicle as well.

  • Monitor your performance before and after adding our products to develop a better sense of the results you're seeing. It's easy to know your ROI when it is apparent that you're burning less fuel every day. 

Why Should You Buy from Smith Lubricants?

Whether you're experiencing sudden drops in power or you want to identify a better way to care for a diesel engine over the long term, we produce the ideal blend for your needs. Ionised to help penetrate the metals inside your engine and carefully balanced to deliver the right results, you can depend on these additives regularly. Learn more about these products and place your order now, or contact us with your questions

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