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Engine Assembly Lubricant

Improve Vehicle Efficiency and Lifespan with Engine Assembly Lubricant

Every vehicle relies on a low-friction environment, and engine oil, when combined with engine assembly lubricant, yields the ideal conditions for healthier engines. Smith Lubricants has developed a unique formula that produces the best results in the industry to improve engine performance.

Tips for Getting More Value from Lubricants for Engines

When people start using engine lubricants for the first time, they may not know the best way to get value out of it. Consider the following points to ensure your engine remains in top condition:

  • Any time you replace engine oil, make sure to incorporate our lubricants as well. With this additional inclusion, you unlock all the benefits that come from using our lubricants. There’s no special procedure that you need to do; simply add our lubricant along with your usual engine oil.

  • Oil companies have decreased the amount of zinc in their oils as an industry standard. While the oils still function, they don’t offer the same degree of friction reduction that your machinery needs. Using our assembly lubricant restores the proper amount of zinc in your engine oil.

Benefits of Quality Engine Assembly Lubricant

You know that engine assemblies are powerful, yet sensitive pieces of equipment. Without high-quality oil, your engine’s efficiency will quickly reduce and prevent you from doing your job. Our assembly lubricant supplements the oil to produce impressive results:


  • Extend your machine’s life with our unique molecular oil structure. Our oil lubricants reduce friction and preserve any machine’s structure so that you can get more uses out of each part and reduce the need to replace components. When every usage results in less wear and tear, you’ll get more years of proper functioning from your machinery.

  • Eliminate the risks that come with cold starts, as our lubricants are suited for engines that function in any weather condition. With a mere 5% blend added to your oil, you’ll find that your machines are ready to go whenever you need them.

  • Our unique blend also reduces oil loss, which means you don’t need to conduct as much routine maintenance on your machinery. Instead, each batch of oil will go further and protect your engines completely.

  • Any friction in your energy reduces its efficiency, which has two significant drawbacks. First, your engine will yield less power and fail to give you the torque you need when you require performance. Second, it decreases fuel efficiency, resulting in additional expenses when you need to fuel your vehicles for long-term operation continuously.

Why Trust Smith Lubricants Regarding Lubricants for Engines

We’ve been serving Australian drivers and companies for over 15 years. We’re a wholly Australian-owned company and produce our products domestically. When you work with us, you’re getting access to high-quality lubricants directly from the source. Eliminate any questions regarding quality and performance by speaking with the team that knows how these lubricants were designed. Our team is here to support you regarding any questions you have, and we’re committed to solving any problems related to your use of our lubricants. Contact us for more information or to place an order today.

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