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Engine Lubricants

Recover Lost Power and More by Changing Your Engine Lubricants

What could you gain by rethinking your approach to engine lubricants? There's more out there than what you can swipe off the shelf or what your mechanic pours in during regularly scheduled maintenance. In fact, if you're experiencing persistent problems with fuel economy, cold starting, or other issues, it might be time to consider a change. At Smith Lubricants, we've produced a unique range of products using a proprietary mineral oil blend to achieve robust results in diesel and petrol engines alike. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Engine Lubricant

Why should you take the time to research and buy engine lubricant? Could you truly enjoy improvements? Yes—consider a few reasons why your choice in oils matters:

  • You can provide your engine with better operational conditions, which over time can help to extend the life of components, especially parts more sensitive to wear.

  • You'll save money in operating your vehicle or equipment. Products such as Diesel Up work to actively clean fuel injectors and to reduce the water content of the diesel in your tanks. The result is a lower cetane number, which provides a reduction in fuel consumption. Our client case studies demonstrate clear gains. 

  • Not all engines are created equal. Knowing how to introduce additional lubricants correctly is important, just as is selecting the right product for the job. For example, some engines may benefit more from products such as Gear Up than others.

Tips for Getting More Value When You Buy Engine Lubricants

What's next when you're interested in learning more about these products? Take a moment to consider how you can maximise the value of your investment in our products. Here are our tips for enjoying a better sense of return:


  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. Our experienced engineers are always ready to answer your questions and to provide insight into how you can make these products work for you.

  • Take your time and work to understand how and when to use these lubricants correctly. Adding these oils at the correct ratios is vital for achieving the maximum gains. In this case, less is often more, especially when dealing with engines that have significant oil capacities. 

  • Purchase larger quantities in one order when you know you will require a resource to buy engine lubricant. We offer small sizes including one- and five-litre jugs, with much larger 20-litre jugs available as well for those heavy-duty jobs.

About Smith Lubricants

An important player in our industry for 15 years running, Smith Lubricants is a team that combines deep experience in both engineering and chemistry. Through this partnership, we've produced the custom-blended oils that populate our product line. We recognised that there was a lack of options for equipment that frequently operates in extreme conditions — and in Australia, even a typical day can feature conditions others might consider "extreme." Whether you choose Engine Up, Petrol Up, or another one of our products, you can count on excellent results across the board. Need help? Contact us for helpful assistance. 

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