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Gear Up

Use Gear Up and Other Unique Formulas to Protect Your Engine

Smith Lubricants helps you protect your engines with an impressive line of lubricants including Gear Up, Engine Up, Petrol Up, and Diesel Power Up. Each of these lubricants is uniquely formulated to produce peak performance from different kinds of engines. Continue reading below to learn how using these lubricants can give you dramatically improved engine performance and efficiency.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Lubricants Such as Petrol Up

Each lubricant functions using the same principles, so the following advice holds regardless of the kind of engine or fuel you use:

  • Make sure that you’re using the ideal lubricant to balance your engine according to the fuel and oil you currently use. Because we formulate these lubricants according to the exact molecular proportions needed to bring your engine to its ideal state, we cannot recommend using any of the products not designed for how you use your machine. 

  • Add more lubricant every time you change the oil. Whenever you refresh engine oil, you should drain it entirely, change the filter, and replace the oil. As you do, don’t forget that the lubricant works in concert with that oil. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve performance by having the engine run without added lubricants.

  • Use the correct proportions when you add the lubricants. These lubricants’ compositions are specifically designed, so consult the directions to add the exact amount required. We recommend using as precise measurements as possible when adding lubricants to your engine.

Problems That Diesel Power Up Addresses 

To best understand the kind of impact that these additives can make, consider the following problem areas that they address:


  • Fuel Economy - Engine friction turns into engine heat that conducts through the metal and into the atmosphere. Any time that your engine produces radiant heat, it’s not efficiently using the fuel to create the power you expect from your engine, and it must use more fuel to make up for that. 

  • Power - In situations where efficiency is less critical, friction is no less of an issue. As mentioned, the radiant heat is a symptom of wasted energy. Because your machines can only process so much fuel at a time, engine friction minimises the engine from producing optimal power.

  • Equipment Longevity - Friction also results in greater wear and tear in your engines. The sensitive internal components are easily damaged over months or years of excess friction. If you don’t have lubricants in the engine, you’ll inevitably need to service the machine more frequently and replace more parts.


While those are the three most impactful effects, there are many other benefits to using Gear Up, such as better starts in cold weather.

About Smith Lubricants

We’ve put our decade and a half of experience at your service by designing unique lubricant blends. Each one is suited for a different kind of engine, fuel, or oil, and reflects ongoing research. Restore the zinc your engine needs by adding our industry-leading products. Contact us today to discuss which lubricant is best suited for your machinery.

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