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Machine Lubricants

Improve the Performance of Your Machinery with Our Machine Lubricants

Whether you’re dealing with rusted machinery or struggling with a gearbox that won’t operate reliably in Australia’s hot summer conditions, look no further than Smith Lubricants and our proprietary machine lubricants. Our products are designed to help customers get more out of their machines—from automotive engines to farming equipment and beyond.

What You Can Expect from Smith Lubricants Regarding Machine Lubricant

When you buy machine lubricants from Smith Lubricants, you can expect quality products that do precisely what they are supposed to do. Here are a few expectations that customers can bring when they use our lubricating agents:

  • They will work well in Australian conditions. Australia’s conditions—often hot, dry and dusty—are tough on machinery and equipment. Our machine lubricants are all 100 percent Australian-made (we use no imported chemicals) and the formulation stands up to Australian conditions.

  • We will stand behind our products. As you will see when you browse our site, we are very straightforward and transparent about what our products are supposed to do and how customers should use them. If you have any issues with one of our products going forward, know that you have our full backing and that we will do anything necessary to make it right. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have or to recommend a specific machine lubricant based on the issue you’re trying to resolve.

  • Our products will benefit your machinery. We design our lubricants to help engines and machinery work better and more efficiently. Our customers have claimed that using our lubricants increases the reliability, fuel economy, performance and service lifespan of their machinery or vehicles.

Benefits of Our Machine Lubricants

What specific benefits can you expect when you buy machine lubricants from us? The answer depends on the particular program you purchase, but here are a few benefits our products can provide:


  • Longer service life. Our EP2 Grease Up product is used by clients in the automotive, marine and industrial sectors to offer pressure resistance and anti-wear properties to bearings, gears, couplings and more. It helps enable better performance under high loads, high temperatures and other extreme conditions, providing greater stability and longer service life.

  • Rust management. Are you dealing with rust on your machinery? Spraying the affected areas with our Spray Lube Up product helps displace water and penetrate the metal mechanisms. While the lubricant doesn’t eliminate rust, it does impregnate it an allow the machinery to operate smoothly regardless.

  • Friction reduction. High levels of friction can increase wear and tear, affect fuel efficiency and hinder performance. You can apply products such as our Gear Up lubricant to reduce friction, wear and drag in gearboxes, transmissions, differentials, hydraulic systems and more. 

Why Smith Lubricants Is Cost-Effective

Replacing or repairing damaged machinery is expensive—not to mention the added cost of equipment downtime and how it might impact your ongoing projects. Proper lubrication is a considerable facet of ongoing maintenance and can prevent or delay these breakdowns. Contact us today to learn more about our machine lubricants.

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