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Motorbike Lubricants

Smith Lubricants Offers Superior Motorbike Lubricants

Smith Lubricants has been formulating our products here in Australia for 15 years, creating several products designed to keep engines running smoothly and for longer, including motorbike lubricants. All engines rely on their lubricants to keep their many parts working efficiently and without damage. The big oil companies’ products have changed their formulation over the years, removing vital friction fighting additives and reducing their efficacy. Our products reintroduce them with all their benefits.

Benefits of Motorbike Lubricants from Smith Lubricants

Our high-quality motorbike lubricant works with both mineral and synthetic engine oils while containing no solids. It will help your current lubricant do its job, protecting your engine’s components and reducing friction and engine wear. Some of the specific benefits include the following:

  • At the recommended 5% ratio to your regular lubricant, it will not be detected in oil samples. Some manufacturers warranties won’t hold if you use additives, but you won’t have to worry about that when you use our lubricant as directed.

  • Zinc is the main friction reducer in engine oil, but the major oil companies follow instructions to reduce and even remove the zinc from their products. Less zinc diminishes the efficiency of these products. Our lubricant reintroduces zinc with all its benefits.

  • Superior lubrication is only one of the benefits of our products. It will also clean and remove carbon and sludge from your engine, helping it run more efficiently. It is also safe to use on all internal combustion engines, so you do not need to limit its use to your motorbike.

Related Products We Provide to Consider When You Buy Motorbike Lubricants

Our motorbike lubricant is only one of our many products, all designed to improve the performance and life expectancy of your vehicles and machines. We offer products for both petrol and diesel engines but here are a few of our other products that can help your motorbike run smoother for longer:


  • The engine isn’t the only part of your motorcycle that needs lubrication. The gearbox is just as vital to its smooth operation. Our Gear Up product works with both manual and automatic transmissions, lowering hydraulic and gear temperature while minimising friction, wear and drag.

  • Our Spray Lube Up is an easy to use pure petroleum product suitable for the simplest of home needs to industrial application. Many of our motorbike customers vouch for it to keep the chain and other vital parts of their bikes running smoothly.

  • With Petrol Up, you can clean your fuel system, including the valves and injectors. This fuel additive will improve the combustion and extend the life of your bike.

What a Customer Stands to Gain if They Use Smith Lubricants

All motorbike owners love their vehicles and want to keep their engine working at its best, for as long as possible. This care for your bike is why you should buy motorbike lubricant designed by our experienced engineers and industrial chemists. At a 5% ratio with your standard lubricant, it will keep your engine parts coated and lubricated while cleaning carbon and other residues from them. Once you add it to your engine oil, you will save on maintenance costs and extend the life of your engine. If you’re ready to give your engine the lubricant it deserves, contact us today.

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