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Diesel Power Up


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  • Smith Lubricants Diesel Power UP ... a comprehensive and unique multifunctional Diesel treatment, Injector cleaner & Cetane Improver all in one that offers the following:

    • Cleans and maintains injectors, Power UP meets Cummins L10 injector clean test
    • Improves a Diesel fuels Cetane number by up to 8 units
    • Restores peak performance to fuel systems
    • Enhances fuel performance and economy
    • Helps control exhaust emissions
    • Inhibits and kills Algae growth in Diesel fuel • Reduces Diesel knock
    • Improves cold start

    Power UP when field tested in a FH series Volvo gave fuel savings alone of up to 11.2% and smoother running, this amounts to very significant cost savings as well as having the extra protection
    against the dreaded diesel fuel bug and keeping injectors clean.


    • Cetane is a measure of the time delay until a diesel fuel ignites through compression (i.e. not with a spark) in a diesel engine
    • Higher cetane indicates a shorter ignition delay
    • Increasing a Diesel Fuel’s Cetane Number Can Lead to Immediate Consumer Benefits Including:
      • Less combustion knock and noise
      • Reduced levels of misfiring
      • Less shock loads and peak pressures in cylinder – Lower missions through more efficient combustion
      • Shortened ignition delay
      • Easier Cold Starts
      • Less white smoke
      • Improved engine warm up
    • Diesel engine OEMs strongly desire higher cetane fuels to allow for optimal performance and emission compliance of their engines
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