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Red & Tacky


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  • Red & Tacky is formulated using a patented lithium complex thickener technology and is combined with high-quality paraffinic and polybutene base stocks, extreme pressure (EP) additives, effective rust, oxidation, and corrosion inhibitors.

    • Excellent Anti-Wear & EP Properties
    • Prevents Scuffing & Wear
    • Resists Water Washout & Squeeze Out Under High Load Conditions
    • Superior Adhesion & Cohesion
    • High Shear Stability To Ensure Long Service Life
    • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion In Harsh Enviroments


    • Slow speed (low-speed factor) heavily loaded anti-friction and plain bearings
    • Heavy load, high-pressure industrial applications
    • Gears & Couplings


    *Red & Tacky is not suitable for use in centralised pumping systems

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