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Truck Lubricants

Looking for Reliable Truck Lubricants? Try Diesel Power Up

When it comes to truck lubricants (or lubricants for buses, tractors, forklifts, boats, earthmoving equipment or other heavy vehicles or machinery), Smith Lubricants is a market leader. Our Diesel Power Up lubricant is designed to provide superior performance and protection to every vehicle or piece of equipment that relies on diesel fuel.

Problems Our Diesel Power Up Truck Lubricant Addresses

When you use the Diesel Power Up truck lubricant from Smith Lubricants, you can count on it to deliver solutions to many of the common issues with diesel performance. These include:

  • Dirty fuel injectors. A dirty or clogged fuel injector can lead to a host of issues for your vehicle or machinery, including starting problems, irregular idling, poor fuel economy and rough/poor engine performance. When you buy truck lubricants from us, you’ll find that they are effective means of cleaning both fuel injection and combustion chambers, thereby improving performance.

  • Diesel fuel bug. ‘Diesel bug’ or ‘diesel fuel bug’ is a common problem with diesel fuel tanks, wherein a range of contaminants—including fungi, algae and microbial bacteria—all take up residence there. These microbes produce acid that degrades fuel quality and corrodes the fuel tank itself, leading to losses in efficiency and, in the long run, costly damage. Diesel Power Up is one of the most effective ways of killing the diesel fuel bug.

  • Water in the fuel. How can microbes and fungi thrive in your tank in the first place? It’s because of water, which finds its way into your fuel due to condensation in the tank. Removing water from the fuel—something that Diesel Power Up does effectively—essentially stops the growth of microbes in its tracks.

What Sets Smith Lubricants Apart Regarding Truck Lubricants?

When you want to buy truck lubricant, it can be challenging to find the right formulation for the job. Here are a few reasons you can trust Smith Lubricants—and, by extension, Diesel Power Up:


  • We formulate our lubricants to be versatile. As you can see from the above, Diesel Power Up is made to address numerous common concerns with diesel-powered vehicles and machinery. It’s also dynamic in terms of the number of systems with which you can use it. Top clients include construction companies (who can use Diesel Power Up for excavators, dozers and graders), agricultural operations (which use it in their harvesters and irrigators) and even mining plants (which can use it for crushers and conveyors).

  • We design our products to suit Australian conditions. We are an Australian-based company, which means we are very familiar with the challenges that Aussies face with their vehicles and machinery. Our experienced engineers and industrial chemists have formulated each lubricant we manufacture to suit the specific challenges of Australian conditions.

  • We provide straightforward instructions. We want to make sure that customers know how to use our products to 1) achieve the best results possible, and 2) eliminate any risk of damage to machinery or voided warranty. We always provide straightforward instructions for use, storage and more.

Why Smith Lubricants Is Cost-Effective

Issues such as diesel bug, dirty fuel injectors or water in your fuel can cause expensive problems with your diesel equipment, from significant declines in fuel efficiency to damage to the systems as a whole. When you buy a truck lubricant as powerful as Diesel Power Up, you avoid these risks and the costs they carry. Learn more about us and our truck lubricants by getting in touch today.

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