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Vehicle Lubricants

Why You Should Rethink Your Approach to Vehicle Lubricants

How much thought do you put into the vehicle lubricants you choose to use? Do you use any? If you haven't explored options for improving the performance of your vehicle, whether it's a car, a go-kart, or even a riding lawnmower, you should — the right products can offer a host of different benefits depending on your application. At Smith Lubricants, we provide a unique product only available here: a complete range of lubricants suitable for diesel engines, petrol engines, gear differentials, and many other applications. Made by Australians for Australian conditions without any imported chemicals, our products are the ideal choice for many applications. 

What Sets Smith Lubricants Apart When You Want to Buy Vehicle Lubricant? 

Why should buy these vehicle lubricants? It's a good question — the science behind it all can get quite complex at times. Ultimately, it's about the performance improvements the right additives can bring to your engine. Our products stand out for several reasons:

  • Their formulation. Carefully created to maximise its effectiveness while also remaining untraceable in samples, so you never have to worry about voiding your warranty in pursuit of better results.

  • Their proven results. Our customers often see rapid improvements in performance over dozens of operating hours following the introduction of our products into the engine system. 

  • Their versatility. Smith Lubricants products comprise a wide range of additives formulated to help in many conditions. We do more than boost power in engines; we can help to reduce wear and tear on critical gears and other assemblies, too. 

From their unique formulation to our strict standards for quality, our products create results and stand apart as a result. 

The Importance of the Right Vehicle Lubricant

Why should you put care and effort into your lubricant selection rather than simply grabbing the first thing that you see on the shelf? There are many reasons why careful selection matters. Here are a couple of the things you should know:


  • Not all lubricants are the same. Actually, "mineral oil" is a somewhat vague term. That's why we clarify that our products feature pure paraffinic mineral oil, of which the higher flash point and molecular properties make it more suitable for long-term use. Naphthenic oils burn more readily and may contribute to contamination rather than reducing it instead.

  • Inadequate power production, dirty fuel injectors, high levels of friction — these are all common problems that develop in engines and can persist without better lubrication. A well-chosen additive can neutralise many of these concerns simultaneously. 

About Smith Lubricants 

Now in business for more than a decade and a half, Smith Lubricants is a highly experienced team of industrial chemists and engineers, possessing a keen understanding of engines, transmissions, related components, and their intricate inner workings. With the formulation of our line of highly versatile lubricant products, we're able to offer everyone from the individual car owner to the industrial operator an option that demonstrates value and effectiveness in every application. Explore more information about these products, or reach out to us online for helpful assistance. 

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