in Performance & Protection for your equipment...

The Smith Lubricants range of products give vehicle and equipment operators peace of mind with superior Performance & Protection.


Enhanced Performance & Protection for your engine


Extreme Pressure Performance & Protection for gearboxes, differentials and hydraulics

Maximum Performance & Protection for diesel fuel systems

Optimum Performance & Protection for petrol-fueled engines


Superior multi-purpose grease suitable for a wide range of anti-friction applications


Provides performance and protection for smooth operation



The Best Fuel Additive in Australia

Smith Lubricants brings you the best selection of diesel fuel additive for vehicles &equipment operator. Our power-up diesel additive is designed to improve efficiency, performance and save you money on the fuel. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we now have our own range of diesel additive that promises to provide the right solution your vehicle or equipment needs.

We strive to provide a low-cost, but high in quality solution you can trust. Don’t look further than Smith Lubricants if you are looking for the best fuel additive in Australia.

Your One Stop ‌Diesel Additive Solution

Whether you need to improve the efficiency & performance of your engine or protect it from contaminants &pressure, we have the best fuel additive in Australia to meet your needs. Our power-up diesel additive is designed to meet your specific needs. We have the best diesel fuel additive in Australia for all type of diesel fueled &petrol-fueled engines. Our diesel fuel additive can address the problem such as friction, low performance, increased fuel cost & damages from wear & tear.

We bring you an improved formula that can enhance your engine’s performance and reduce the overall cost for maximum effect. We offer complete fuel additive solution from products to technical support, in one place.

Our Expertise

At Smith Lubricants, we have more than 15 years of extensive experience in distribution of automotive lubricants and fuel system treatments. With our background in machinery and automotive engineering, we have gained the expertise in dealing with all sorts of equipment operators’ challenges and needs. We can help you keep your vehicle & equipment at top-notch condition without any added cost. All our products have been tested & designed to provide you the solution at most effective way.

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