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Caterpillar Grader Case Study


Cyril Vale – Owner Mendip Hills Pastoral Company Jericho QLD Australia


Caterpillar 12H Grader; D6H Dozer; D85 Komatsu Dozer; and work utes & trucks

New Caterpillar 12H required scheduled oil sample (SOS) analysis by Hastings Deering under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Gear Up was introduced to the Caterpillar Graders’ transmission. The Caterpillar’s fuel computer then showed a saving of 1 litre of diesel per hour (effectively 5.9%). Due to this result, Engine Up and Diesel Up were then also added. At this point the machine had 700 hours operation on the clock. The first oil sample after the addition of Engine Up was taken at 1000 hours. Results from this initial treatment below.

Contaminant BEFORE AFTER % reduction

Copper (Cu) 6 2 66%

Iron (Fe) 16 8 50%

Aluminium (Al) 4 2 50%

Soot (ST) 33 28 15%

Sulphur (Sul) 14 11 21%

The 3rd and 4th engine oil samples showed a further reduction in these contaminants and wear factor.

Using the Caterpillar’s computerised fuel flow meters, fuel consumption was shown to be reduced from 16 litres per hour to 14.12 litres per hour, a total reduction of 11.75%.

Cyril noted improved general performance, in particular power and smoothness.

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