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How to Make your Diesel Fuel Last During Winters?

When winters come around, and your diesel-fueled pickup isn't delivering the mileage that you are accustomed to, it’s fair to feel hassled. Nobody wants to end paying more for gas refills. No matter what time of the year! Moreover, with gas prices always leaving something to be desired, paying more for diesel refills during the winters is far from desirable.

Fortunately, an effective diesel fuel additive can prove to be a great solution for this common winter woe, ensuring you get better mileage from your diesel pickup. Read on to understand the cause of diesel mileage issues come winter and the benefits of diesel additive on the whole.

Why Winters Lower Mileage for Diesel Fueled Automobiles?

The diesel you fill up your pickup with during the summer months is likely to freeze up and become thick and gel-like during the winters. To combat this, manufacturers tweak the standard summer diesel blend.

Energy experts suggest that standard diesel exceeds the energy content of regular gasoline by 15 to 20 percent. However, changing the blend of diesel to make it winter-friendly lowers cetane levels, thus causing diesel to burn out faster and deliver less mileage.

One Solution for this Common Problem

However, as made clear early on, this is not an issue you have to live with. Greater expenses on diesel refills for your pickup can be avoided to a significant degree. Likewise, you do not need to get out of your car or truck ever so often during the winter months for gas refills.

Your most effective solution to this common problem is; an effective diesel additive that substantially increases diesel mileage in the winter months. Moreover, diesel fuel additive offers so much more than greater diesel mileage during the winters. These benefits of this potent additive are worth looking into and are as follows -

  • Facilitates Clean Fuel Injectors

  • Increases Cetane Levels

  • Enhances Lubricity

  • Eliminates and Prevents Algae Formation

Facilitates Clean Fuel Injectors

An essential component of a car’s engine, fuel injectors is the delivery system for fuel to reach the car’s engine. It is commonplace for fuel injectors to get clogged, and clogged fuel injectors can affect mileage delivered. As such, the impact of diesel additives in terms of fuel injector clean-up is important and indispensable.

Increases Cetane Levels

As mentioned earlier, a change to the diesel blend to make it winter-friendly and prevent it from freezing up lowers cetane levels. Cetane levels determine the burnout rate of diesel fuel, and lower cetane levels result in a quicker burnout rate.

This can be largely prevented by an effective diesel fuel additive that increases cetane levels. Increased cetane levels result in better mileage from a diesel engine. Regular diesel fuel with no diesel additive in the mix does not perform as well in terms of mileage during colder months.

Enhances Lubricity

A diesel additive also exponentially increases the lubricity of diesel fuel, a quality it lacks in its natural form. Inadequate diesel lubricity can lead to wear and tear in diesel pumps and injectors. This, in turn, affects your vehicle's performance and can even lead to the breakdown of essential engine components.

The added lubricity facilitated by an effective additive is, as such, non-negotiable. Failing to take advantage of diesel additives and their lubricating qualities can wear out fuel pumps and injectors. This, in turn, can bring on repair and replacement expenses far greater than the cost of an effective diesel fuel additive.

Eliminates and Prevents Algae Formation

Algae find a home anywhere, including the engine of your car, in fuel pumps, and fuel injectors. The cleaning properties of diesel additives also include the ability to kill algae and prevent algae formation.

Algae is very likely to clog engine components. As such, the algae prevention and eliminating properties of the right diesel fuel additive is not something you can do without. This is especially true when you wish to preserve the integrity of essential diesel engine components.

Prepare for Winter Diesel Needs

The enormous size of Australia, which is both a continent and a country, means some places are warmer during the winters, while others are colder. As such, it is incumbent upon you to prepare for winter/summer diesel needs when traveling to a location with vastly different weather conditions.

For example, if you are traveling from the significantly cold Liawenee, Tasmania, to Darwin, which is much warmer even in the wintertime. You will need to fill up on summer diesel once you get to Darwin. This works vice-versa when traveling to a colder region.

As such, understanding the limitations of winter diesel and preparing for journeys to colder or hotter parts in your diesel car is recommended.


To sum up, everything you need to know about how to make diesel last longer in the winters, it is imperative to reiterate the importance of an effective diesel fuel additive to enhance fuel performance. A diesel additive that provides value for your money does not merely improve fuel performance. Also Read: Understanding The Importance of Diesel Fuel Additive

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A good diesel additive improves overall engine performance with its algae killing, lubricating, and fuel injector cleaning properties. And, the Smith Lubricants’ Diesel Power Up does come with all fuel enhancing properties of an excellent diesel additive, as listed above. To know more about Smith Lubricants’ Diesel Power Up, call the experts at Smith Lubricants at 07-4653-1000.


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