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How can the use of additives enhance the performance of your engine

Whenever you go into the additives section of an auto part store, you’ll see around hundreds of products claiming to convert your vehicle into a race car and increase the mileage. While some of them promise to restore your tired, old engine, others assure you to seal the leaking engine. You must be wondering whether they work or not, right? Well, they do. Do you see all that hype about diesel fuel additive? There’s a reason behind that.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the additives that enhance your vehicle’s overallcondition. Once you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the answers to your queries. Also, thereare some necessary tips that one needs to consider while going for any kind of additive, which is alsomentioned in this article..

1- Additives for cooling the system

If you ever come across coolant puddles on the driveway, look whether there’s any cracked heater hose or radiator or a loose clamp. Get it repaired, if you find any. However, if you notice a freeze plug or a leaking plug, replace it if you can reach the area.

If your radiator, inaccessible core, or heater core is leaking, add a cooling system to seal it. If your vehicle is experiencing boil-over, or corrosion, coolants are the best fit. Such additives contain inorganic salts (borate, nitrate, phosphate, amine, nitrite, silicate), which help in cooling-system issues. Why step back when you’re getting every advantage to enhance the engine performance?

2- Oil additives

“Unless you’ve got an old vehicle, you wouldn’t really need an oil additive,”- and that’s a lie! In order to restore as well as maintain your vehicle as a brand-new one, you’ve to invest some amount on it. And the amount should be spent on buying oil additives.

The sole reason for adding oil additives is to lubricate the parts that have developed rust over the years. Good-quality additives seal some parts and protect them from wear and tear. Apart from that, it also absorbs mechanical shocks, hence, lowering the noise. However, you should confuse oil additives with diesel fuel additive. While oil additive blends with the engine oil, fuel additive enhances the fuel economy of a vehicle.

3- Transmission additives

If you notice that your transmission is reluctant or slow to shift into gear, and possesses a lot of fluid, then tour vehicle probably needs transmission additives. Also, if the transmission process involves the leak of fluids, you will need a transmission leak stop additive. All they do is, swell the seals and slow the process of leaking.

Initially, this issue might seem minor, but with time it can cost you a lot as it will damage the other parts present near the leak. Not just that, extensive use is another reason which leads to the conversion of transmission fluid into a thick, sludge form. Over time, it gets mixed with impurities and makes the transmission hard.

4- Fuel additives

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a novice, you should always take the best measures to take care of your vehicle. The simplest measure is to start using fuel additives. Not only it keeps your engine clean but also prevents any deposition of trace or gunk inside your engine. Adding diesel fuel additive increases the efficiency of the fuel cycle.

When you use it, there would be no gunk or traces of combustion left behind. All the expensive gas will be used up without a single drop being wasted. Be it a solid or liquid form; diesel fuel additives are available at reasonable prices. You’re saving money at the petrol pump, ensuring the efficient running of the engine, and increasing its efficiency. What could you possibly ask more? Just make sure to add a bottle of additive once in every 3,000 miles.

5- Head gasket sealer

If you cannot find any external leak and your engine is still misfiring, then there’s probably a leaking head gasket. Using a high-quality head gasket sealer would solve the problem within a couple of days. As compared to replacing the head gasket, head gasket sealers are quite affordable. Replacing would lead to additional expenses such as paying the mechanic and cost of the head gasket.

While being inexpensive, a head gasket sealer also gives a permanent solution. Not only the head gasket, but a high-quality sealer will also solve issues related to freeze plugs and heater core. Apart from saving money, you save yourself a lot of time too. Just pour down the sealer inside the radiator, and it will find its way to the leaking areas.


As you know, anything in an excessive amount is not recommended. Well, the same goes for these additives. Using excessive amounts of additives will pose a threat to sensors or other features. This way, you’ll end up bearing additional expenses of repairing the damage caused by the overuse of additives. So, before you pour down the entire packet, go through the instructions carefully, choose the correct additive, and read the manual when any doubt arises. A specific amount of additive goes with a specific amount of fuel. For example, 30 gallons of diesel are accompanied by 16 ounces of additive.

Most of the time, auto owners recommend their brand’s diesel fuel additive. Adding a non-approved diesel additive would not only void the system but might also affect the engine warranty. People often get confused as there are so many additives available in the market. So, before you go additive shopping, consult the owner’s manual to ensure special precautions that are related to the usage of additives.


Now that you know the importance of using additives for the efficiency of your vehicle, we hope you’d take all the necessary measures to prolong the life of your expensive vehicle. Just like your body needs nutrients to function properly, additives are a form of vitamins for the vehicle. They ensure corrosion protection, stable lubrication, temperature resistance, and cleaning. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that modern-day fuel comes with additives. Whether you need petrol or diesel fuel additives, they’re readily available in the market, as well as online.

If you’re looking for a reliable site, from where you can get the best additive, then Smith Lubricants is your one-stop solution. We hold experience in the industry of more than 15 years and own a range of diesel additives that assures to cater to your vehicle needs. Our team strives to provide affordable, yet the best-quality solution to all your issues. Our team holds experience in tackling all sorts of needs and challenges related to the equipment operator. Contact us today to ensure top-notch services for your expensive vehicle. You can call us at 0746531000 or fill-up the form available at our site.


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