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Top 5 facts one must know about diesel fuel additives

Nowadays, a very wide variety of additives has been produced to meet the needs of the vehicle. In case your vehicle needs one, then you can opt for the best fuel additive, Australia.

Like before we check out the facts about diesel additives, let us know why they are important:

  • Save Money

  • Enhance engine performance

  • Minimize exhaust emission

  • Makes vehicle maintenance easier

Now let’s take a sneak peek at the top 5 facts you must know about diesel fuel additives before opting for the best diesel fuel additive, Australia.

Here are the facts:

1-Diesel Cars Might Not Be as Famous, but are Cooler Than They Were Before

In the past few years, carmakers feel like be abandoning diesel cars, yet none of them have ceased making them. A segment of it is the manufacturers not wanting to strive with the government's strict emissions rules. Some of it is a willful switch of priority to hybrids.

It is partially due to these rules that the old profile of a diesel engine with dark smoke spewing out of the tailpipe of a trailer is a thing of the past. Nowadays, diesel cars perform just as their gas-powered counterparts & look equally nice. The image of the loud diesel engine with dark smoke spewing out the back is long gone, but what remains is the great mileage that comes with it.

You can also enhance your diesel vehicle mileage by opting for the best diesel fuel additive, Australia.

2-Diesel Engines Are Now Cleaner Than Before

Granted, there might be some vintage smoking diesel that was built back before the new necessities, yet those are becoming lesser & lesser as they perish.

In the last few decades, the government has needed diesel engine manufacturers to install unique emissions control gear that has indeed helped clear up the air by holding pollutants from going into the atmosphere.

Every diesel engine built now has kinds of stuff like particulate traps & filters that trap all the dense smoke that used to be discharged into the air. Additionally, the diesel engines themselves are much efficient & are constantly being upgraded.

3-Diesel Fuel Requires Additives More Than Petrol Does

If you compare the features list for diesel & petrol, diesel appears to have more properties that require to be safeguarded by additives. There are definitely more diesel fuel additives in the market, both with single function & multi-functional additives, that fuel suppliers need to use in order to ensure the diesel they are supplying executes the way it rightly should.

Some of this might have to do with the fact that petrol is more immensely refined, while diesel is a heavier fuel & so is more prone to going off the scale. Cetane rating, lubricity, performance in cold weather, & stability are essential features that needed to be protected by the best fuel additive Australia, & which petrol generally does not have too much of a concern with.

4-Diesel Fuel Appears to Have More Issues as It is More Likely to Be Stockpiled

Diesel fuel is the preference of industry, & businesses depend on being able to store fuels for afterward use. So, diesel fuels are stored in a storage tank for weeks or months.

The longer diesel is stored, the more probably it is to develop problems that will affect its own quality & the efficiency of the engines that it is used in. Hence you need the best fuel additive, Australia to protect the diesel, especially during the winter seasons.

There is also a chance of the development of microbial problems in case diesel is stored for much longer. This means users should now consider things they did not before, like thinking about microbial testing for their stockpiled diesel.

5-There Are Much Favorable Diesel Additive, Yet No Additive Can Do It All

Business tutors used to discuss how you might have the optimum quality & the best service for the right price - two out of the 3 at the same time, although not all 3 at the same time. This is also genuine for fuel additives.

You might have something that does many things, performs them very efficiently, does them at affordable cost, & does it with a very less treat ratio. You should be able to get some of these but not all together. With the best fuel additive, Australia, it is also the same, so you must choose your fuel additive accordingly.

Nowadays, you can see all kinds of new diesel additives that claim to be capable of doing everything with glory for nothing. But you need to see through that. However, at the same time, an average individual might not know much to make the right assessment every time. So, always be aware of that & think & choose accordingly for your diesel engine.

Now that you’ve understood all the top facts, it's now time for you to choose what’s best for your diesel engine at the best diesel fuel additive, Australia.


In case you feel like diesel additives are needed, then you should choose it based on proper research & use it in accordance with the advice of the additive supplier & the engine manufacturer. Improper use of diesel additives might have negative effects on your engine & will affect your engine’s warranty.

Have you been searching for the best diesel fuel additive for your vehicle? Then you’re at the right place. At Smith Lubricants, we supply the best quality diesel additive that will provide superior performance & protection. Call us today at 07 4653 1000 to get more details.


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