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Do Oil Additives Really Work? Find Out Here!

Oil additives have been popularly known to have boost performance and efficiency as per many users. However, there are some who think they are worth the time or money. Bitron oil additive is one of the most popular and well-known products and users have boosted about the enhanced performance, better mileage, and engine protection.

Buying the best quality Bitron in Australia will provide you with the best results. Bitron lubricants help engines stay efficient, and safe for a long time. If you are thinking whether oil additives and lubricants work or not, this article will help make the decision.

What Are Oil Additives?

Oil additives are a type of chemical compounds that are added to oil which is used as oil supplements to enhance the functions of the engine. Depending on the formula, it can help keep the engine clean, protected and well-maintained for a long time. Taking care of the engine is very important for keeping the vehicle work for longer. You can prevent breakdown and damage to the vital parts of the car with the right products, such as oil additives.

Oil additives are added to the motor oil to increase its effectiveness. The motor oil keeps the engine lubricated to reduce friction between moving parts. But it alone cannot perform the tasks, which is why oil additives are added to it. Together they can help prevent corrosion, contamination, build-ups and keep the engine at top-notch condition.

Benefits of Oil Additives

Oil additives offer a wide range of benefits. Depending on the type of oil additive you use, you can expect improve in performance, efficiency, mileage, and more. Here are some of the ways oil additives help engine stay at top-notch condition:

1. Anti-wear Properties

Oil additives have anti-wear properties which means they protect the engine parts from the harmful effects of wear and tear. It creates a protective layer on engine parts and surfaces to provide them protection from wear. The oil additives are heat-activated compounds that react with the metals and form a lubricating film. This helps in reducing the friction, prevent breakdowns, prevent corrosion and slow down oxidation. This helps in enhancing the lifespan of the vehicle.

2. Anti-corrosion Properties

Rusting is the biggest threat for any type of engine whether diesel or petrol. Oil additives have anti-corrosion properties that helps protect the engine from all the damaging effects of the chemical breakdown. The oil additives create some sort of barriers on the engine components to prevent water from causing rust and corrosion. This is an important aspect of Bitron lubricants as they help keep the engine protected from corrosion and other similar effects.

3. Detergents Effects

Some oil additives and lubricants offer the detergents protection. These types of oil additives are designed to keep the engine protected from deposits. It prevents rust by removing and neutralizing oil impurities as well as acids that are created during the process of oxidation. This type of oil lubricants is important for preventing sludge in the engine.

Dispersants effect of a lubricant on the other hand prevents impurities from settling on the engine components. They also help maintain the viscosity of the engine oil. All these things are important in keeping the engine free of contaminants and build-ups.

Do you Need Oil Additives?

The important question is if you need the oil additives or not. As you know the amazing benefits of products like Bitron oil additives, its not hard to understand that they can help improve the performance of your engine. While they may not have direct impact on the running of your vehicle, they are essential for the maintenance.

With the right products, you can make your engine last longer. They can help you prevent breakdowns and build-ups. It will save a lot of your time and cost too. This is a type of DIY that can help you in many ways.

Old vehicles and inefficient engines can benefit from oil additives. The best thing they do is help protect the engine from damages. This is key to making the vehicle last for a long time.

The Bottom-line

Oil lubricants and additives can help your engine stay in good shape for a very long time. It is a type of vehicle maintenance accessory that can enhance the performance of the engine. It is an easy to use product that has been designed to provide a wide range of benefits. It is one of the easiest ways to make your engine last for a long time.

If you are looking for the best Bitron in Australia, Smith Lubricants has the best solution for you. We have a huge selection of lubricants and additives that can help you keep your engine in good shape.

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